Friday, July 5, 2013

Ladybug Nail Art

As much as I don't like bugs, ladybugs prints on nails are very much acceptable, fun and cute. I did two versions of ladybug nail art, one was one ladybug on each nail, one was mini ladybugs on white base. I think they all look very cute, and great to wear in spring/summer. And you only need 3 colors: black, white, and red to complete this manicure :>

Ladybug manicure step by step:

1. Apply base coat. Use red polish brush and draw a round shape at the tip of the nail. Then use a bigger dotting tool dipped into black polish and create a ladybug head like so.
2. Use a black striper and draw a line in the center of ladybug body.
3. use a smaller dotting tool dipped into black polish, create dots, 3 dots on each side.
4. use smallest dotting tool or pointed side on the tooth pick, create 2 white dots for the eyes. 
5. on white based nails, draw 4 or 5 big red dots using dotting tool.
6. create black heads.
7. draw 2 or 3 tiny black dots on each little bug. Apply top coat and you're finished 

Products I used:
3. Sinful Colors Black on Black
4. Sinful Colors Snow Me White

If you'd like to see how I create this manicure in action, please watch the video below ♥ Don't forget to give this video a thumb up if you like it and find it helpful. Thank you (:


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