Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY ♥ Brown Sugar Hand Scrub

Greetings everyone! In this post, I'd like to show you a super easy DIY on how to make your own brown sugar hand scrub. This simple hand scrub recipe is so amazing! It's natural, fresh and totally inexpensive! The smell is yummy!! (try not to eat it, it's for your hands and/or body :p ) Keep your hands so soft and moisturized! I have been using this homemade scrub recipe for years. Hope you like it, too. ♥♥

For this hand scrub, you only need 3 simple ingredients: brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, and honey!

Click the video below to watch how to make this hand scrub, in action :D

Additional notes:

* Store in a dry and cool place. (Don't store in the fridge as it will harden the scrub)
* Always use a clean spoon/spatula to scoop out your scrub. (you don't want germs get in there!)
* It's very gentle for your skin. You can use it for your hands, legs, or lips.* It should last for a month, but best use fresh!! I recommend making a small batch at a time.

As Always, thanks for reading!! If you try this DIY, please send me a picture on twitter or instagram with #missjjan or @missjjan  
I love to see them!!! ^-^ Until Next time  

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