Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow, Bad To the Bronze (Review and Swatch)

Recently I have been in love with Maybelline Color Tatto 24hr eyeshadows, particularly in the shade Bad To The Bronze. It's a warm bronze with metallic sheen to it, very rich and pigmented. The texture is very smooth and creamy and it's very easy to work with. Super super super long lasting, even without the use of eyeshadow primer!

The packaging comes with a clear glass jar and a black plastic lid, very similar to MAC paint pot. (with 1g less than MAC Paint Pot 5g) 

Close-up shot of this beauty! 

Bad To The Bronze has an amazing color payoff. You only need a little product to achieve an opaque finish. And it last ALL DAY! Seriously, once it's sat, it won't budge or crease! This bronze color is just right, not too dark or too light. It's intense, but in a neutral and natural way, if that make sense? It's a great-by-its-own type of shade, good for those days when you only have very little time to apply makeup. It's also great as a base (primer) so that the eye makeup will show more intense and last longer! All in all, it's a wonderful, great quality eyeshadow with a wallet-friendly price tag. I highly recommend this!


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Face Brushes (Powder, Blush, Contour)

(Powder, Blush, Contour)
Top L-R: Make Up For Ever HD Kabuki Brush, Sonia Kashuk Powder/Blush Brush, MAC  129 Powder/Blush Brush, Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush.
Bottom L-R: Ecotools Blush Brush, e.l.f. Studio  Complexion Brush, Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush, Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush

Brushes are essential in creating flawless makeup looks, natural or dramatic.  They also make makeup applications cleaner, easier, and more precise. Today I wanted to share with you my current face brushes, particularly powder, blush, and contour brushes.  

1. Make Up For Ever HD Kabuki Brush
I got this from MUFE complexion starter kit. Extra-thin and soft nylon brush. It's dense and designed to apply ultra-fine HD powder. Great quality brush. The bristles are incredibly soft. I mainly use this to apply powder to set my makeup. It made the application like a dream. Big love!

2. Sonia Kashuk Powder/Blush Brush
I got this from a set, too. This brush is nice and soft. I like to use this for blush because the size is perfect. It's also wonderful for powder. 

3. MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush
This is my oldest brush. I had this for 9~10 years?! Money well spent! This is a multitasking brush to me, I use this brush for blush, highlighter, or powder. It blends out beautifully. The brush shape is similar to Sonia Kashuk powder/blush brush above, but a tad bit more tapered.

4. Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush
From Sigma Make Me Classy Kit. I liked that the bristles are white, and the size is perfect for cheek contour, but other than that, I found myself rarely reach for this contour brush. I don't have other similar angled contour brush for comparison, but I found my F40 to be flimsy. It's not a horrible brush though, I can still use it if my other contour brushes are dirty, just but not my favorite for contouring.

5. Ecotools Blush Brush
From Ecotools 6 piece set. I love using this brush for bronzers, and sometimes for powder to set my makeup. I don't use it for blush, well, rarely, simply because the size is too big for my liking. I prefer MAC 129 or Sonia Kashuk powder/blush brush for blush. The bristles of this Ecotools bamboo blush brush are dense, but not so fluffy. It doesn't pick up much color and so it's great for bronzers so I can lightly and slowly add on colors.

6. e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush
Got this from Target. For $3, this brush is a great steal! The bristles are very soft, but not as dense as Ecotools blush brush. I like to use it for powder all over my face. It's also great for large area contouring.  

7. Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush
From Sigma Make Me Classy Kit. This duo fiber flat top brush is good for creating airbrush-like effect. It's also great for applying very pigmented products/blushes.

8. Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush
I got this from Sigma Make Me Classy Kit. This brush is big, soft, and fluffy. I mainly use this brush for powder. It's a nice brush, though I won't buy it individually. e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush will do the job just as well as this one in my opinion!

Picture above is the overview of all the face brushes so you can see the sizes, lengths and handles etc.

Readers, do you love brushes? what are your favorite face brushes?


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Watermelon Nails {Tutorial / How To}

Hello everyone! Today I have a summer nail art to show you - yummy and refreshing watermelon nails! It's not summer without watermelons! you would want to bite your finger nails ha ha ha ha ha

Here's how to create this watermelon manicure:

1. First, apply base coat and paint all your nails watermelon red.
2. Use white polish to create french tip on all nails. Wait for it to dry.
3. Then take a green polish and layer it on top of the white french tip, but leave a space so the white will show. And let the green dry.
4. Next, use a smaller dotting tool dipped into lighter green polish to draw little strokes on the green french tips - for watermelon skin.
5. Take your smallest dotting tool or a toothpick, dip into black polish to draw some watermelon seeds.
6. Apply top coat to smooth out and protect your refreshing nail designs.

Products I used:

1. OPI Nail Envy Original
2. butter LONDON Come To Bed Red
3. Sinful Colors Snow Me White
4. Sinful Colors Rise and Shine
5. Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime
6. Sinful Colors Black on Black
7. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
8. Nail Art Dotting Tools

If you would like to see how it's done in action, please watch the video below :)

Hope you liked it!
Have a wonderful weekend ^_^


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